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EZ Street Asphalt

CASI chose to partner with EZ Street asphalt in 2008. EZ Street asphalt is an international product that is used for various applications including pothole patching, utility cuts, trench repairs and even paving in several countries.

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CASI is a producer of EZ Street® asphalt, the only permanent cold asphalt. EZ Street® is a polymer-modified asphalt specially formulated to work in all weather conditions and temperatures. It can also be used in water, such as in water-filled potholes. With EZ Street® cold mix asphalt , repairs can immediately be re-opened to traffic, eliminating long delays and traffic congestion.

It’s designed for use on potholes, utility cuts, small overlays, catch basins, manhole adjustments, and edge repairs in asphalt and pavement applications. EZ Street® is formulated to improve cohesion, adhesion, and water resistance. And it’s guaranteed permanent.

In Colorado’s wet, cold, and freeze-thaw cycle, EZ Street® cold asphalt is the material of choice. Because EZ Street® has tack coat built in and is cold, crews can be rapid first responders to any pothole or utility main break repair—even if it’s snowing. EZ Street® remains workable even when it’s stockpiled. Colorado public works and construction yards can access EZ Street® asphalt for immediate repairs: day or night, winter or summer. Because the cold asphalt can be installed and used immediately, repairs can be addressed with minimal traffic impacts in any season. CASI produces EZ Street® year-round. It’s available in loose bulk by the ton, one-ton bulk sacks, and 35 pound or 50 pound bags.

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