CASI chose to partner with EZ Street asphalt in 2008. EZ Street asphalt is an international product that is used for various applications including pothole patching, utility cuts, trench repairs and even paving in several countries.


Bulk storage means “ready when you are”

With EZ Street permanent cold asphalt on hand, your job becomes simpler. Just use as much or as little as you need, at the times when you need it. There is no rush to use a load of hot mix before it cools. You don’t have to worry about hot mix plants being open either. You can keep a supply of EZ Street cold asphalt at your base of operations, so it is always there when you need it, stored indoors our out, rain or shine, or even under a little snow!


Indoors or outdoors, storage convenience translates to manpower efficiencies

Whether you use one bag, twenty or two hundred at a time, a key benefit is work-time efficiency. Application of the product requires very little training and is safer than hot mix asphalt. Maintenance crews can keep a bag in their truck to fill potholes on an as-needed basis while performing other tasks. And because EZ Street provides a permanent fix, it’s a one-and-done solution.