CASI chose to partner with EZ Street asphalt in 2008. EZ Street asphalt is an international product that is used for various applications including pothole patching, utility cuts, trench repairs and even paving in several countries.



Python 5000 Pothole Patcher Using EZ Street Cold Asphalt

Utility Cut Repair in Denver Colorado, 2014

Lowering The Cost of Utility Cuts With EZ Street Asphalt

Can An Advanced Cold Asphalt Save Big Money On Utility Cuts?



Environmentally Friendly Approach
The company used a “green” version of EZ Street called Hybrid®, successfully at one of its recent projects. The Rocky Mountain National Park Service wanted to use an environmentally-friendly product to pave the walking trail from.. READ MORE


CASI CDOT Highway 36 Asphalt Seam
When rain, snow, and ice storms took their toll on Highway 36, dangerous sized seams (longitudinal cracking in the hot mix joints) began to form on the road surface. Ranging from ½ to 4” deep.. READ MORE


Commerce City, CO Micro-surfacing
By September of 2009, that traffic had worked deep ruts into 56thAvenue on its eastbound approach to Vasquez Road, which connects with I-270 less than a mile away. A 100-foot section of road ruts, measuring about ten.. READ MORE